Nigeria Politics And General Election 2023

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The World wants Pacesetters, Not Placeholders, Compassionate
Leader, and not Wicked Emperors (A Case Study of Nigerian Politics
and 2023 General Elections)

On Jan ten, 2022, the previous Governor of the city-state, and currently the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, visited General Muhammadu Buhari at the Aso Rock
Presidential Villa. afterward the meeting, he hips to the waiting press that he had intimidated Buhari of
his “lifelong ambition” to be President of Nigeria.

Bola Tinubu claims to be seventy years previous. So, if his statement that he contains a ‘lifelong ambition’ to be President is true, then he should are designing for a minimum of forty years.
Was it not Brian role player UN agency aforesaid “Every minute you pay in designing saves ten minutes in execution; this gives you a one,000% come back on Energy”? therefore wherever is Bola Tinubu’s come back on investment in his planning?
How are you able to be reaching to be President for years, and after you finally get your party’s price tag, you are not able to settle on a deputy? It shows indecision and unpreparedness. Even before you won, you should have the proverbial UN agency you needed to settle on. Nigeria wants a pacesetter, not a fiddler!
If Tinubu says he contains a womb-to-tomb ambition to be President, then it says heaps concerning his ability to arrange, and the planning ability of these different Presidential candidates, UN agency area unit still counting on placeholders to fill their tickets. however are you able to arrange for a time period solely to travel for a placeholder?
Having a placeholder shows that you simply aren’t prepared. Not able to contest. Not able to win. And
certainly not able to govern. we’ve been once bitten by Buhari. so we must always be doubly back
with Tinubu, and the other Presidential candidate’s UN agency has a downside in electing a substantive running mate.
It is solely that we have a tendency to area unit awfully forgetful folks. What semiconductor diode to the primary recession underneath Buhari? the very fact that 6 months once being sworn in as President, he had not named a cupboard. Indecision is an exceeding leader has repercussions. If you can’t decide on a deputy on time, you can’t lead Nigeria heading in the right direction
All parties were supplied with the INEC timetable. They knew the deadlines. Any party that would not organize itself in an Associate in Nursing orderly manner to
produce a Presidential candidate and his deputy at intervals within the assigned time has shown their
unpreparedness to govern!
Nigeria wants a pacesetter UN agency that will make choices. Some UN agencies will work and choose to harass. If the Nigerians area unit attacked we’d like a pacesetter UN agency will respond in an exceedingly timely manner. people that cannot choose their running mates at intervals within the assigned time can not be decisive leaders.
No matter what you think concerning the PDP, the very fact is that as a celebration, they need incontestible decisiveness. They picked their candidate at intervals time. And their candidate picked his campaigner with dispatch. What this could tell Nigerians is that the PDP is prepared to govern!
At this point, Nigeria wouldn’t like placeholders. we’d like pacesetters. Bola Tinubu calls himself
Asiwaju. The literal means of Asiwaju is somebody UN agency exposes the front. A leader. A pacesetter.
What reasonably Asiwaju cannot form up his mind UN agency his campaigner ought to be?
We should not tolerate a state of affairs wherever it’s easier for political parties to select Presidential candidates than it’s for them to select Vice Presidential candidates. that sort of foot-dragging and pussyfooting could be a red flag that signals unpreparedness to manipulate.
When you aren’t unionized enough to relinquish the general public your real Vice Presidential candidate at intervals the time assigned, you’re invariably proving that you simply aren’t in reality a party. you’re simply a group of individuals conspiring to require power for your own interests!
And to feature salt to injury, the All Progressives Congress formally came out with a grip that Nigerians
should stop “mounting pressure” on Tinubu over his inability to settle on his campaigner. They prove my
point. If selecting his vice presidential pol is simply too a lot of pressure for Tinubu, then he’s clearly not
up to the upper pressure of being President.
If a celebration is supplying you with a dummy candidate to be withdrawn later, what’s to prevent them from supplying you with dummy guarantees to be withdrawn later? Is that not what Buhari did with All guarantees Canceled? this can be a warning to Nigerians. Slaveholders use placeholders to drag the wool over our eyes!
It is not simply the Bola Tinubu UN agency that would have a problem with the placeholder theory. For months many folks have been a difference of opinion against another Fulani President, and I counseled them against such identity politics.
Now, Kwankwaso is their new darling. however area unit they about to make a case for their newfound love for a Fulani man? however, can they eat their words, seeing as Kwankwaso self-identifies as a Fulani?
What area unit are they about to say? particularly as Kwankwaso, in his June eighteen, 2020 BBC Hausa interview, clearly stated that the expectation is that the older man (him) ought to be the Presidential candidate, while the younger man ought to content himself with the Vice Presidential slot. If they settle for Kwankwaso’s suggestion, it means their downside isn’t with the Fulani. Their downside is power and that they can do what it takes to induce it!
I am simply looking at the development drama of this set of individuals whose main political strategy is to insult and threaten. What have they not known as me? Fulani slave. Fulani boy. Reno OmoFulani. this stuff they aforesaid in writing. several of such insults even went to microorganisms. But today, they currently see worth within the same Fulani that they are nonhuman. I laugh in Fufulde!
Why do I laugh? as a result I lived with pure Fulani in the previous Sokoto state. they need one attribute, that serves them well. they are not reacting by showing emotion, therefore after you hurt them, you will assume that they didn’t notice, or bear in mind. However, they’re uber observant, Associate in nursing have the memory of an elephant.
And this can be one reason why I commend Bola Tinubu’s supporters. I don’t like Tinubu. I feel he lacks
the qualities required for an honest leader. however, he has smart followers. they are not insulted or threatened. They are terribly goal homeward. promoting their candidate with persuasion instead of intimidation.


In conclusion, the all-time low line is that the All Progressives Congress and also the different placeholder parties area unit ill-equipped and unwell ready to manipulate. after we say Atiku is the unifier, some throw tantrums. Look at our ticket. totally balanced. Northern-Southern, Muslim-Christian, Fulani, Delta Igbo. are you able to honestly say that any party contains a higher combination? does one need Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian that’s even Southern-Southern?
The PDP area unit was prepared. If the election is tomorrow, they’re prepared. they’re able to win and manipulate.
Nigerians simply face the facts. whether or not you like him or hate him, the very fact remains that no different candidate is as ready for the duty of President as Atiku Abubakar.
You want Nigerians to vote you in as a celebration, nonetheless, you can’t decide UN agency is your running mate? If you have got an inconclusive price tag, however, are you able to have a decisive government? If you can’t meet INEC’s point, how can you meet your own promises? allow us to face facts!
Others say they’re functioning on a merger with Kwankwaso. Kwamkwaso has already aforesaid he can ne’er be a VP candidate. therefore in essence, what area unit are they telling Nigerians? As of these days, the sole party that’s ready for the election is the PDP. you’ll be able to hate facts, however, you can’t dismiss them!

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