How to Hide Razor Under Tongue

How to Hide Razor Under Tongue in 2 minutes

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How to hide razor under tongue in simple steps:

If you’re looking for how to hide razor under tongue, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s for an emergency or just something that feels good on your tongue, we know how important it is to have a clean and healthy mouth. But when you need to keep a razor hidden from others but still make sure that it gets used regularly, there are ways around this problem!

How to Hide Razor Under Tongue
How to Hide Razor Under Tongue

Buy a razor

  • Buy a new razor. If you have an old razor, throw it away and buy a new one. You can also consider buying one with a new blade, handle and case (if applicable).
  • Make sure your blade is sharp. If your blade isn’t sharp enough to cut through hair easily then it won’t be able to hide its presence in your mouth very well!

Lay it flat on your tongue

Now that you have your razor in place, it’s time to get down to business. The first thing you need to do is lay the blade flat on your tongue. This way, there will be no risk of accidentally cutting into any of those inner-tongue membranes that could cause bleeding and infection. Next, don’t let the blade touch any other parts of your mouth or throat this includes your teeth (especially if they’re damaged), lips, and tongue! If possible, try holding it so that only one side touches either side at once; this will prevent any accidents from happening due to misplacement during use.”

Put it in your mouth, gently closing your lips around it

You can put the razor in your mouth and then hold it there, like a piece of candy or a toothpick. You don’t have to bite down on it; just make sure that you’re not moving around with your tongue (or any other part of your mouth). It’s important that nobody sees this thing in your mouth because if they do, then they’ll know what happened!

If possible, try not swallowing anything at all as well; even if someone asks after a few minutes and asks if everything is okay with you just say “yes” and keep going about whatever else needs doing for now.

Now you have a weapon to slice out the throat of your enemy

Now you have a weapon to slice out the throat of your enemy. But don’t use it unless you know what you’re doing, and make sure that person is someone who can handle a little pain. Don’t do this to someone you care about or even love it’s best not to get attached at all. If they ask why they shouldn’t be cut, tell them that they won’t understand (but really just because they won’t understand isn’t an excuse).


Now you’re ready to go on the offensive! This is a simple technique to how to hide razor under tongue. You know how to avoid getting caught and how to turn the tables on your pursuers. Remember, it’s best not to use this technique unless you absolutely have to and only if there are no other options available. Also, make sure that nobody gets hurt in the process of using these techniques (for example, by accidentally cutting an artery), or else they might come back with a vengeance later on down the line when they remember what happened last time when someone used those techniques against them.

How to hide razor under tongue


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